“Sifu,” the new single-player video game by Sloclap, launched on February 8, 2022. It is a Playstation and PC exclusive.     

Although Sloclap is not known for making major AAA games, their newest game has quickly grown on me. 

“Sifu” takes place in modern-day China. Its plot follows the son of a martial arts master who seeks revenge on his father’s murderers. 

What are “Sifu”’s innovative features?

The game features an innovative hand-to-hand combat system and has lots of replay value. 

With each death, you become stronger but at the cost of a smaller health meter. You also age more from dying carelessly. 

As the game goes on, you’re able to increase your combat abilities and combos become significantly smoother.                                 

There are a few specific features of the game that make it great. 

The "Sifu" skill tree

The skill tree incorporated in the game is what makes the game feel so rewarding. 

As you get older the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” becomes a legitimate threat to your success. 

If you continuously die within the game some moves can no longer be unlocked. Logically you’ve grown too old to complete them. 

However, you aren’t required to unlock the entire skill tree in order to beat the game. 

This allows players to beat the game in more ways than one.

Another feature that makes each playthrough unique is the use of the environment as weapons, such as bow staffs, bags of money, bricks, etc. 

What makes “Sifu” different from similar games?

"Absolver" by Sloclap studios

“Sifu”’s style is most comparable to its predecessor, “Absolver,” which was also created by Sloclap studios in 2017.

Unlike “Absolver,” “Sifu” is strictly single player.

Sloclap’s development team recently decided to focus more on single player gameplay. They didn’t want to spend the time developing the framework needed for online games.

In addition, “Sifu” is seen as a “complete” game, as there is no downloadable content or glitchy mechanics.

I would compare “Sifu”’s gravitating qualities to other popular games like “Elden Ring.”

“Elden Ring” also has its own exclusive combat system and no other DLC, microtransactions or battle passes after your initial purchase.

Jackie Chan in "The Fearless Hyena" (1979)

Fans of Jackie Chan’s movies will find this game most exciting. Much of the combat experience mirrors the Bak Mei used in his movies.

The creator of this ancient martial art style is said to be one of the “Five Elders” in Chinese folklore from the Shaolin Monastery.

The game offers a rewarding experience to players.

You can only beat it by mastering the combat system and carefully deciding your next move.

With over 1 million copies sold by the end of March 2022, it is easy to see why this classic revenge story with added supernatural abilities is so enticing to gamers.

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